Monday, May 30, 2005
I am going to down to Hamilton in two weeks and will be looking for an apartment. I have decided to sell almost everything and I am going to move back to Hamilton. This is something that is happening in the next 4 months...but more closer to 2 months. It is all based on how quickly I can sell my stuff and how quickly my job transfer goes through.

The reason for selling all my stuff is because I would rather have nothing and no debt than to have a lot of stuff and alot of debt. I am even selling my car. And when I mean everything I mean my bed, computer, TV, VCR, DVD Player, Air Conditioner, Table Top Dishwasher, Apartment size freezer, Microwave, clothes, couch, lamps and lighting, dressers, rugs, framed art, mirrors, antique chests, etc. I will post picks at an alternative site with prices if anyone wants to check out what I am selling.

The only things I am keeping are my futon couch/bed, sewing machine, kitchen stuff (the bare minimum), and a minimum of clothing. This should also make the move much easier as I wont have so much stuff to transport.

I am so proud of myself. I made up dinner tonight and it was sooooo goooood. I cut up some red and green peppers, mushrooms, green onions and sauted them up and also fried 2 eggs and cut them up. In the meantime I boiled some Chow Mein Noodles. Once the veggies and noodles were done I created a peanut sauce and then added the noodles, veggies and egg to it and tossed it all together. I then sprinkles some pine nuts and raw grape nuts on it and VOILA! A kick ass dinner.

I will definately make this again and though of ways to improve it next adding some grated carrots, tofu, and bean sprouts. Since I have become a vegetarian again I have found it hard to satisfy my hunger...but has definately done the trick. I am still full and hour later. is a price list of what I am going to sell my stuff for if anyone already knows that they are interested in some of my stuff from seeing it before...

  • Car - $2000.00
  • Counter Top Dish Washer - $75.00
  • Air Conditioner 10,000 BTU's - $200.00
  • Apartment Size 3.2 Cu Ft. Freezer - $150.00
  • Family Size Microwave - $25.00
  • T.V. - $25.00
  • Wall Unit - $50.00
  • Main Dresser with Mirror- $50.00
  • Queen Size Wrought Iron Canopy Bed (with Mattresses) - $500.00
  • Kandinsky Picture - $50.00
  • Mirror - $100.00
  • Deacon's Bench - $25.00
  • Couch Set (with Slip Covers) - $75.00
  • Coffee Table Set (3 pc. Set) - $15.00
  • Wicker Book Shelf - $15.00
  • Small White Book Shelf - $10.00
  • Bathroom Mirror - $15.00
  • Blue Table with Leaf - $10.00
  • Antique Chests - $75.00, $50.00, $50.00
  • Stained Glass Floor Lamp - $20.00
  • Ikea Side Lamp - $15.00
  • Ikea Floor Lamp - $15.00
  • Toaster Oven - $10.00
  • George Foreman Grill - $20.00
  • Green Rug with Flower Accents - $35.00
  • Green Tall Dresser - $15.00
  • Black Filing Cabinet - $20.00
  • Stereo - $150.00
  • Computer - $500.00
  • Desk with Tower Shelf on wheels - $100.00
  • Panasonic Stereo (As is...tape and radio player only but has auxiliary hook-ups) - $15.00
  • Wrought Iron Candle Holders - $25.00
  • Couch Pillows - $20.00 All
  • Burton Snowboard/Boots/Bindings - $250.00
  • Powder Room Board Coat and Board Pants Set (Light Blue/Small) - $100.00
  • Converse All Stars Hi-Top Goth Green and Black (Sz 7.5 Ladies) - $25.00
  • Rubbermaid 4 Drawer Crate with wheels - $15.00
  • DVD Player - $50.00
  • VCR - $25.00

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Sunday, May 29, 2005
Here's to the girl who has never been in love.

Here's to the girl who builds up walls to keep people out.

Here's to the girl who doesnt take chances and feels as if she has never lived life at all and yet still feels like she has already lived a lifetime.

Maybe it's time to start taking risks and really live. Maybe it's time to stop thinking and analysing all the time and just be. Just do. Just live.
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Monday, May 23, 2005
I had a full May 2-4 weekend.

A friend of mine was in town and we went camping up north. We drove up to Tobermory and camped out in an abandoned barn and then in the morning we caught the Chi-Cheemaun ferry over to Manitoulin Island and camped out on some ground land.

Yes I got sunburned.

We drove back on Sunday evening.

Today I got up at 10 am and went for a jog and stretched.

After that I had a shower and when I got out I was thinking of my friend Kim. Funny thing...when I looked down on the bathroom floor there was a note from her. She had dropped by while I was in the shower to see me.

So, I went to her house after and that girl rocks. She was at a yard sale and saw an awesome pair of jeans and decided to get them for me. I wore them today and they are now my favourite jeans. And she only got them for a buck...yup! $1.00. Thanks Kim.

I also worked today from 5pm-11pm.

And I am doing hair myself. I hope I have the patience and endurance to get them done.
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Sunday, May 15, 2005
I got hit by another truck today...or should I say yesterday being as it is after midnight. No damage tho...just a sore neck...a bit 'o whiplash. He hit me so hard that I hit the vehicle that was infront of me damage to the one infront of me either...Thank God.
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Friday, May 13, 2005
I celebrated my 29th Birthday today. It was a great day.

I worked...Hard.

Then I went to meet Opa and Oma's at Frankies and was pleasantly surprised by a rather big gathering of 17 family members all there to celebrate my birthday.

It sure is nice when I don't have expectations. I wasn't really expecting a huge gathering as this is the 3rd surprise brithday party my Oma has pulled off in the past 2 months all involving the unsuspecting victim showing up at Frankies and being surprised by a great multitude of family. I mean I thought in my head that it was a possibility...but least I wasnt so surprised that I wet my pants...I kind of knew as soon as I pulled in the parking lot and saw all the familiar vehicles.

Anyways...much thanks to my family...and to all the associates at work who wished me a Happy Birthday...

Now I do expect something spectactular next year I will be turning 30 and will be over the hill...tee hee hee. ;)
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Wednesday, May 11, 2005
Im Back!

Yeah...I bet you didnt even know I was gone...except for the peeps who I was with.

I went down to Hamilton for a few days...left Saturday and got back today to be exact. I had a great time. The weather was awesome there. Really warm and sunny.

I spent most of the time with Matti and Sonsire and saw some other family too. Now that I am home I am bushed. I made the 2 hour drive back today and then went into work for 3:30pm.

I hate work. It's so pointless trying to make it neat there because all it takes is a few people to mess it up and make it worse than when you started. Grrr. And we had some bitchy messy people today too. Oh well...rather than complain I am doing something about it. I have an interview for a different department tomorrow. Pray that goes well:) It would be more money too.
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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Too much time and imagination... Posted by Hello
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...see the favicon in the address bar beside my url?!?!?! Posted by Hello
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so apparently the whole favicon isnt working for some it working for anyone? i know it is working for maybe that is all i care about for the time being...i did it more for myself anyways because i prefer to have symbols for my links instead of descriptions. looks prettier on my tool bar. anyways...the above is a shot of my browser...see all my pretty buttons.
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Monday, May 02, 2005

I figured it out and now I have a groovy icon to go with my URL in the address bar. I am so stoked.

They are called Favicons and here is how to add one to your site...

First off...create you image by using a graphic program...ei: AdobePhotoshop or Corel. I just saved my image as a .jpg You dont need to resize it to a specific size...just save it as is. Or you can use one of your own pictures instead.

Then go to Favicon from Pics and browse for your image in the Source Image Field and when you have it hit the Generate Favicon.ico. Give it a few seconds...and then it will show you an example of what your favicon will look like. If it didnt work it will tell you to download another one instead.

If you like the one you selected and the preview then click on the Download Favicon button and then select the folder you want to save it to.
It will save the favicon as a zip file. When done saving, unzip the file and it will save it as an icon and you will get to see what it looks like. I unzipped mine to my desktop for easy retrieval.

The next step is to upload you icon on your site and remember the location where you are hosting it. Blogger doesnt have this feature so I just signed up for a free account with Angelfire and uploaded my favicon there under the build section.

Now all you need to do is insert the following code somewhere after your Header in your template for Blogger or HTML for your is what I entered for mine:

But instead of you would put
your site where you favicon is being hosted instead...but still use the
/favicon.ico extention at the end of it.

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