Monday, January 31, 2005
Well I survived my first road trip! I am in Hamilton right now. I left Hanvoer at about 9pm and got here around 11pm...nice timing. City driving was fun. The worst of the driving was from Hanover to Elora as there was thick fog...but I made it ok!

Tomorrow my brother Mat, sister Caitlin, and myself are going to BlueMountain for 3 days of snowboarding and fun! It is my Christmas present to them. I am so excited! I will have lots of pictures to post when we get until then...Bon Voyage...for me that is.
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Thursday, January 27, 2005
Yeah! Someone has bid on my item! 6 more days left to go.
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Well my eBay listing got no bids, so I have decided to relist with a low starting bid and new and improved listing...check it out and tell me what you think...if it is better than the first one, or any suggestions. Or perhaps you might even want to bid on to help me get the ball rolling.

Vintage 1921 Singer Sewing Machine
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Monday, January 24, 2005
Throwing Money Away!

So money doesn't grow on trees, but I think some COPS think it does. I got pulled over the other night while driving some kids home from the Deck. It seems I had forgotten to put my light on...OOPS. But do you think this COP showed me any mercy? Nope. He slapped me with a $110.00 fine. OUCH!

Ofcourse I can not afford to pay it so what I am going to do is write out 11 post-dated checks for $10 each dated every 2 weeks to come out on each of my paychecks for the next 6 months. I am not trying to be a smart-alec about it...I just really can't afford to do better than that. As far as I know they can not refuse any effort to try and pay a fine.

So much for just getting off with a warning...oh, and I didn' know this COP...never seen him before. And yes, I live with a COP, but that obviously doesn't count for much.
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Wednesday, January 19, 2005
COOL...check out my very first eBay listing. I pray I do well...I do have a reserve of $99.99's a 7 day listing.

Rachel's First Ebay Listing!
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Monday, January 17, 2005 I have liked this certain friend for a long time but I dont know if he likes me. I have never expressed my feelings and dont think it is appropriate that I do as I think the guy should be the initiator in a relationship. I prayed that if it wasnt God's will that the feelings would go away like he has done in the past with other "crushes", but here I am almost 2 years later still liking this fella and I dont know what I should do. I am trying to be patient. But it's hard when you dont really know what God's plan is, whether anything will happen or not, or if this boy even likes me back. Aaaaaaa!

Any input is welcome...hehe. Im starting to think life is to short and I should "Just Go For It!" I dunno...I should pray more and wait for God's Peace again. Phew! *SIGH* I dont think he has any clue I like, la, la! If only you could hear the dialogue in my head, and feel the racing of my heart...dooo dooo dooo da!

Good Night.

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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Perhaps you remember the language. I’ll be darned if I can find anyone supporting the Iraq War who remembers it. But, then, maybe they don’t want to remember it.

The language went like this: “Weapons of mass destruction,” “vital national security interests,” “gathering threat.”

In heavy rotation, especially, was the phrase “weapons of mass destruction.”

I mean… it wasn’t like we heard this for a couple of months until we got sick of it.


We heard this crappola for well over a year until we heard it in our sleep and every time we turned on the news channel or when we tried to watch local newscasts for the weather report.

“Slight chance of snow showers over the weekend with an increasing chance of WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION.”

On and on it went, day after day, week after week, month after month, from one administration official to the other, from one news show and from one pundit to the next, through public debate, through the House of Representatives, to the Senate, then through the UN.

Leading the way in this “Mass Destruction of the English Language” was the “president of mass destruction”… George W. Bush. He said “weapons of mass destruction” so much it almost detracted from his other favorite utterance, “Iraq.”

But then Dubya did something brilliant… he put “weapons of mass destruction” and “Iraq” together. He started doing this with such regularity that, at times, it seemed more like a contest…

“Gee, how many times can I say each of these in every speech I make?”

After a few months of repeatedly hearing the phrase “weapons of mass destruction” everywhere I turned I mentioned to my wife that no matter how he played at posturing — or even whether any of his demands would be met or not — it seemed to me that Bush had made his mind up to invade Iraq. What I saw him doing then was attempting to persuade the rest of us (or lull us to sleep).

“weaponsofmassdestruction weaponsofmassdestruction weaponsofmassdestruction weaponsofmassdestruction weaponsofmassdestruction weaponsofmassdestruction weaponsofmassdestruction weaponsofmassdestruction”

Bush kept at it. On and on he went with “weapons of mass destruction” day after endless day until, ultimately, Congress, the pundits and a majority of those polled in the United States said, “Okay, okay, Dubya… you win! Invade the sucker!”

So… he did.

After the looting… um, er… “liberation” of Baghdad, mysteriously, we started to hear less about “weapons of mass destruction.” Everyone was so tired of hearing it being said (and thoroughly convinced Saddam was the one who attacked us on 911) nobody really noticed the gradual retirement of the phrase.

For the most part the public was already convinced (i.e. “brainwashed”) that the weapons were there. Even upon our troops’ approach to Baghdad Dick Cheney had said, “It’s only a matter of time. We know where they are.”

But the big moment never came. We started to hear a new phrase from the administration, “freedom for the Iraqi people.” Only that phrase didn’t really catch on with the same effect as “weapons of mass destruction.” It didn't even catch on with the Iraqi people themselves.

As the months passed and we began losing troops every day — and as the chemical, biological and nuclear weapons went undiscovered — it was almost like the administration had run out of steam in its rhetoric. They needed something fresh. Since no such weapons were being found they then needed people to forget about “weapons of mass destruction.”


Some genius in the administration (possibly Bush himself) came up with, “democracy in Iraq.”

That did the trick!

So, as the months have passed and two years have turned, while the daily death toll has mounted, with triple the number in injuries, the administration has been saying this new phrase over and over and… over again.

The new phrase and focus has worked so effectively that hardly anyone noticed when the administration officially concluded (unsuccessfully) its search for “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq.

My theory is that — even though it was Bush’s reason for invading Iraq — people don’t care because they are simply sick of the phrase “weapons of mass destruction.” Either that or Bush said the phrase so many times together with the word “Iraq” that they are now synonymous in the public’s mind and, therefore, it is conclusive.

The Bush team has been using the newer phrase “democracy in Iraq” for about a year now. We’ve lost many troops in the interim. An “insurgency” has grown. Both the installed Prime Minister and President of Iraq have expressed fears and doubts publicly about the upcoming elections. Bush himself has declared that “14 out of 18 provinces are safe” (Weeeee!)

My guess is that if things continue to go badly in Iraq the Bush Administration might need a new phrase soon.

I wonder what the life of a high-profile political phrase really is… one, maybe two years? Maybe it depends on how well the action the phrase is associated with is going.

“Paging the president’s catch-phrase meister!”

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Update for da Ladies.

I am hooked on DIVACUP now. It is a fantastic product...Canadian Made...I urge all you Ladies to pick up one from the health food store in Walkerton or Durham or go to there web site and order one online.

See previous postings comments for a mini update from me on the divacup.
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Wednesday, January 12, 2005
Since November 28.04 we have had 21 members join our local Grey/Bruce Freecycle group. That puts our group up to 46 members. I am finding that it is really starting to grow in the past few weeks with 10 of those members joining within this past week. Messages are starting to be posted too which is exciting. If you havent joined yet, what are you waiting for. Just click on the link in this message.

I am sad because Kristen and her family are gone for 3 weeks. I usually spend a night or two are her place every week. They are in Florida. I am tempted to still go over there and crash out at their house. I dont think they would mind but I am not sure who is house sitting over there and dont want to give anyone a scare.

Men beware...icky girl stuff: So I bought the Divacup today...I am doing my part to protect the environment and my body. Getting the hang of it wasnt that great but now it's in use and I cant feel a thing. It is also a great product as it is made in Canada. Anyone wanting more info on it, feel free to ask me. The greatest challenge still lies in tonights dance class. Hope it holds up. I am sure it will.
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Sunday, January 09, 2005
Right now, the Canadian government will match every dollar donated to World Vision to provide releif for Tsunami victims until January 11.05.
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Thursday, January 06, 2005
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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Dinner '05 Posted by Hello
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Mmmm, this crayon tastes good. Posted by Hello
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Saturday, January 01, 2005
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