Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I think I have become photogenic because I love every one of these pictures of me. Oh and my brother looks pretty damn good too. We got good genes! Thanks Dad. Posted by Picasa
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Thursday, August 25, 2005
Phew! I am exhausted...but it's all worth it. I checked my phone messages this morning and a company had called and left a message saying they would like to see me for an interview. So I called back at about 8:30am this morning and got an interview for 4pm.

I shuttled out of Wal-Mart at 12pm and went home and got showered and prettied up. Then I made the 2 hour drive to Hamilton and then another hour trying to locate the place in Burlington. I was for the first time in my life late for an interview...YIKES.

My brother was so helpful and called the interviewee Karen to let her know I was a little detoured and then my bro Mat helped me find my way and I think I only ended up being 15 minutes late...but it didnt matter because Karen said she had alreadypretty much came to the decision this morning when she talked to me on the phone that I was the girl for her.

So I am the new employee for Secom, a merchandising company. I will be responsible for going in to various stores such as Wal-Marts (ha ha), Zellers', Pharma-Plus', and Shopper's DrugMarts and setting up Mabelline, Loreal, and Rimmel Cosmetics. I am so pumped. This is exactly what I have wanted to do for the past 3 years...!!! I feel so lucky.

And the company is so mainly work independantly planning your own hours and find out your deadlines online and log all your hours and driving time online. And yes you get paid for milage. It is such a sweet deal. And my "new boss" Karen is so nice, hip and cool.

My brother treated me to dinner at my favourite restaurant as celebration. Ben Thangs-it's a Viet-Thai Restaurant...I am sure I have mentioned it before.

Well I am tired now...that was alot of driving for one day. Tomorrow is my last day at Wal-Mart...tear, tear, sniffle, sniffle...I am sure I will shed a few tears...and I am not being sarcastic because I have met some really good people working there.

Good-Nite...and look forward to a new post in the future about my freakish allergic reaction I have been having for the past week and a half complete with pictures if I can find my Fuji Finepix software.
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Friday, August 12, 2005
LOL...I guess the only thing I didnt get right is the time because it is actually 11:36pm...that is easy enough to fix. Hee Hee.
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Time: 10:36pm


My computer is so much quicker! The only other time I ever did a C:/ format and re-installation was when I was in school for computer programming. It is even easier than I remember.
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Time: 8:35pm

I am about to reformat my hard-drive and reinstall my Operating System. Hopefully I do not bugger it up. Everything is already backed up. I will repost if all goes well soon...
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Tuesday, August 09, 2005
So I have been working in Electronics this week and to say the least it has been interesting.

Things I have experienced or learned while working in Electronics so far:

1. If you are a teen-age boy with a slightly dumb glazed over expression on your face: it is pretty much a given that you are heading over to the Video Game section.

2. The Black-Eyed Peas T.V. edit "Let's Get It started song was playing on the satellite today. One of the fellow associates asked if it use to have different lyrics to which I replied: "Yes, it use to be Let's Get Retarded but they had to change it to be politically correct." To which I then noticed that there was a "retard" girl standing but 3 feet from me. She was bopping her head and smiling at me and I asked her if she liked the song and she said she loved it and she said she has the C.D. at home. (The C.D. has the unedited version of "Let's Get Retarded.") Do we see the humour in this? I do. And I have nothing against Handicapped or Delayed people. I love them.

3. You can have an endless discussion about teeth and wisdom tooth extraction stories with fellow co-workers. And it is actually meaningfull, engaging conversation. And these conversations make you feel slightly closer to one another and brings a smile to your minds eye when you think about said conversation.

On a different plain...I have started having panic attacks about my move and how money is going to suck and I dont know if I can swing having my car for the first few months. Ey-Yi-Yi. It gets to the point where I can't breathe and I feel all dizzy and such.

On a positive note: I am completely infatuated with Tim Horton's Iced Capacino's. I have been drinking Tim Horton's Ice Cappicino's for over a year so I guess it is more of a love affair than an infatuation...or should I say addiction. This love addiction has led me to compose a Haiku in honour of the beloved Iced Cappacino. (AND YES, I purposely mis-spelled Iced Cappuccino 3 times) here goes:

tim horton's iced cap
frothy, caffinated joy
nectar of the gods

what is that you say?
a dollar ninety two please.
i have exact change.

wow that sure was fast.
only twenty three seconds.
i am awake now.

chest is constricting.
i am dizzy. i might faint.
what panic attack?

see you tomorrow.
maybe i will have a large.
caffeine addiction?
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Wednesday, August 03, 2005
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My new do...sorry it took so long...I had to get the pics from my bro who has no connection at home...Like the hair? I love it...! Posted by Picasa
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HOT! Posted by Picasa
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Me infront of my new apartment. My apartment is the highest one above my head with the currently tacky patio lights...(NOT MINE). Posted by Picasa
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Tuesday, August 02, 2005
I was in Hammer town this weekend...ahhhh home!

Went to Ikea with my bro, his gf, my dad, aunt and myself. Talk about system overload. After 3 hours or so in Ikea we went out for dinner at Kelsey' Dad's treat and yum I had the seafood platter and a cosmopolitian.

Before Sunday I picked up my cousin Liesl and her friend Heather in Paisley at Circle Square Ranch and drove them home to Jerseyville (15 mins. from Hamilton) and spent the night there. My uncle Bob and Aunt Jan made a killer supper there too...we had shrimp on the Bar-B and garlic bread and Swedish meatballs.

My kittie is at Bob and Jan's and as my aunt likesto say: Gunther has become a big jerk. He is doing great that he has decided he feels at home and needs to challenge the other cats that are there...he is now 1 of 9 cats and 2 dogs. so my aunt put him on antidepressants and now he couldnt care less about the cats or humans including myself:(

but this is temporary until he is with me and gets to come off the meds...and then i am sure he will be back to his normal loving sucky self.

on monday i completely overslept at my brothers house and didnt get up until 2pm...meh! i can no longer sleep late with out feeling like shite. i must be getting older because sleeping in lately has been 10am-ish and staying up late is like 12am-ish. maybe i will be back to my night owl ways when i am back in the city.

well its a hot one...and i went for a swim at my favourite place...the saugeen...and tomorrow is going to be even hotter...32 before the i am definately going to be swimming tomorrow after work...and hanging with the Webb's.

...less than a month before i move...tee hee hee...
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