Wednesday, November 07, 2007
car - r + t = cat!

I think my car is a has 9 lives...she came

I got another quote on repairs using used parts and got lucky. $100 for a used gas tank/fuel pump and $150 for the neon is all fixed and running like a dream again. cant believe it. hope she's good for another year...

either way...she still has about 6 more lives left in her:)
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Friday, November 02, 2007

Well after much deliberation I have decided to put my car down...she's a goner. We went through the best of times and the worst of times. She could be a real bitch, but sadly I will miss her.

Good bye 'ole girl...RIP my beloved 1996 Dodge Neon...Thanks for the times you helped me move and for the places you took me...for your ghetto tape deck and horribly blown out speakers...the busted up A/C, drivers side door that I could not lock, and gas gauge that did not work. Thanks for heating up so quickly and keeping me warm in the winter, thanks for the kick ass gas mileage, and swift speed and control you allowed me...your flaking paint job and idiosyncrasies will be greatly missed. crybaby.gif

Sunday, February 27, 2005-Friday November 2, 2007.
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Thursday, November 01, 2007
...well when it rains, it pours they say...but in my case it always seems to be pouring.

i can never get a leg up!

car died today. have no idea why. i was driving and it just stopped. i thought i had run out of gas, so i used my gerry can from the trunk to "fill up" but it still wouldnt start.

im really trying to be positive about it, cuz it could have been dad happened to be visiting this week and i was able to call him up and he came to my rescue. got a free tow cuz he has CAA and he has a good friend who is a mechanic who offered to take a look at my car for me. i hopefully find out what is wrong with it tomorrow.

panicing a bit cuz i dont know if i have enough money set aside to get it fixed. ive got a bit aside, but it just bums me out cuz i work soooo hard to save money and then something has to happen to eat it up.

and then there is the catch-22...need my car to do my job...need my job to get my car you can see how things can possibly and completely go to shit for it has before...if i cant afford to get my car fixed...i cant work...if i cant work...well then...the bills dont get paid...and im out on the streets...happened last year already...and a year of hell to follow.


did i do something to deserve this shit life?!? its all shite!

and now im going to be super strapped for the next month or two cuz of this. yay for another poverty stricken christmas! yay for fucking food banks!

guess im just venting. dont know if this is of any interest...meh, doesnt matter anyways. if its not interesting i suppose you wouldnt be reading. and i am sure we can all relate to car troubles.

i feel so lame...perhaps i am out growing this online journal thing. i hardly ever post. im so sick of facebook. i went through my list of friends which was nearing 300 and deleted everyone that i dont talk too or down to 56 people...oops...make that 55 cuz i deleted someone out of stupidity and probably can never add him back...cuz im an ass.

well...suppose i should add some positive...lets see...

almost done classroom in a book for CS2. few more lessons to go. then I guess on to HTML...and Java...then i dont know from there. maybe i will do CS2 again...cuz some of it felt a little over my head and repeating it might be useful. oh and creating my own site...use what ive learned...hands on.

met some new people which has been good. did i mention that i have NO friends here...ive been here 2 years and this city is so hard for meeting people. so i am trying really hard to make friends...and its working...its hard. i feel like an loser when i tell people that ive been here 2 years and have no friends...but the people i have met and connected with lately have shared that they have experienced the same thing. so its not because i am some freak or maybe a

i just have a hard time finding people i can relate with...but yay me...there are people out just trying to be a friend first...

anyways, guess that is it for now. its late...needed to clear my mind a bit so i can sleep...hope this helps...maybe someone is out there and listening...can relate...who knows...dont know if it even matters...

good night.
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