Saturday, February 28, 2004
well i actually thought it was longer since my last post. i was going to kick this whole thing because its been so long but maybe i will carry on.

i have been very sick this whole week and i am going through another weekend of ill being. last week it started with the flu...puking...the works. that then changed to a really bad cold. yesterday i was so sick that i had to get my neighbour to cover the rest of my shift at the rest of the video store. by the time she got home to check on me at 10pm i had no voice. it came back enough for me to get through work but its gone again.

im sad cuz my best bud is in the hospital in owensound with her baby who is really sick with a bronchial infection. the baby is only 2 months old. poor thing.

mohammad is gone off to Pakistan. probably to get married or something. we had a fight and i told him to get lost. he told me a day before he left about the trip. shouldnt surprise me tho. so i am missing hanging out with him too.
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Tuesday, February 03, 2004
for all of you have been impatiently waiting for me to post. waaaaagh.

i worked all weekend.

inventory is in two days. i have bitches...i mean department managers biting my head off. im sorry, but if you are stressed dont go and take it out on someone else. very unprofessional. i am stressed too. yikes. but u dont see me going off on rampages and shouting out offensive verbatum in an effort to make self feel better and in control. on a positive note, christine and i are having a good time in the office. we are beyond stress and are laughing at the silliest things. (fyi: christine shares the office with me.)

im making dinner. it will be ready in 5 minutes. i am making fish, stuffed mushrooms, and fried rice. mmmm. and i splurged and got Hagen Daas Cookie Batter ice-cream for desert. so much for keeping the dairy to a minimum. i like to eat when i am stressed. thus i am not often stressed as i am skinny as a rail.

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