Wednesday, July 27, 2005
today i feel torn between really liking someone and knowing nothing can come of it...and being with someone and not caring that nothing is going to come of it...wishing that the one i was with was the other i can't have...

...why'd you have to be so good...i wish i could just hate you but all i want to do is be with you...

...i made my own bed again and now i must lie in it...
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Saturday, July 23, 2005

My computer blew up last night and now I am with out. It won't turn on...the hard drive that is. I was surfing the net and all of a sudden it went poof! What am I to do? Anybody got an old one kicking around that I can have that is in decent shape? Or willing to donate some time to look at mine? Money is too tight to get it checked out:(

Atleast for the next 2 weeks I can use my step-dads...

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Sunday, July 17, 2005
Sometimes it is just nice to sit and reflect in a place of your own all by ones self. It's good to sit back and read, play your guitar, count your mosquito bites (I am up to 82) reminisce of times past and the kick ass weekend you just had. Here are some pictures of my afternoon spent alone lazying the day away.
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A place to sit and relax. Posted by Picasa
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A pretty view from the sand. Posted by Picasa
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All this beautiful water to swim in. Posted by Picasa
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You can jump off this bridge. Posted by Picasa
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Pffft! I have over 50 mosquito bites. West Nile anyone?
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Monday, July 11, 2005

Hanover's highlight of the summer...HANOVER AUTOWRECKER around 5pm today...oh and the rumors are flying about the source of this fire...but I will not speculate here... Posted by Picasa
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Wednesday, July 06, 2005
I found an apartment this weekend past. I am very excited about. It is a large clean apartment for a good price. It's not avaliable until September 1, so I have requested that my employment at Wallyworld be extended and they had no problem with that.

I am coving holidays this week for the girl in UPC and I am having so much fun doing my old job. I forgot how much I enjoyed it. Working with the invoicing gal in the same office is also a blast. We have so many laughs together.

I am again rethinking my thoughts about leaving the company and perhaps transferring after all as I am hearing rumors that they are perhaps building a Wal-Mart or two in the Hamilton/Ancaster area and I would love to get the UPC position in one of the new stores.

I have also decided to keep my car and not sell it.

My yard sale was a freaking' amazing. I did way better than anticipated...$610.00! No more big junky things to move. I sold alot of old clothes...

Hmmm...oh yeah...I got a wicked new kick ass hair style and I am in love with myself...hahaha. I love my new do and lots of people have commented on how much they like it too. I had some pics taken but they were done on my bro's digi camera and he doesnt have internet to send them to me so I do not have any pics to post at the moment...sorry...soon, soon, tho.

Well...that's all for now. Comment folks...I need some inspiration...let me know whose reading my blog...I might post more then...
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Friday, July 01, 2005

Im having my yard sale starting FRIDAY JULY 1 @ 7AM AND SATURDAY JULY 2 @7AM and here is what is still available for those of you that know me and know where I live...I will not give out my address on my blog...sorry.

Price List:

-Couch and chair with slipcover-$75.00
-Countertop Dishwasher-$75.00
-Samsung DVD Player-P230-$50.00
-Antique Chests
-Wrought Iron Candle-$25.00 for Set
-4 Drawer Chest with Casters-$10.00
-Coffee Table-$10.00
-5 Man Tent-$45.00
-Sub-Thermal Sleeping Bag High End-$40.00
-Black and Decker Whipper Snipper-$25.00
-Outdoor Extension Cord-$5.00
-Toaster Over-$10.00
-Family Size Microwave older-$15.00
-Blue Table with Leaf-$10.00
-Variety of Books-$0.25-$3.00 each
-Knick Knacks
-Various Kitchen and Bath Items
-Dresser with Mirror-$50.00
-Tall Green Dresser (about 4 feet high)-$25.00
-Wicker and Glass Book Shelf-$15.00
-Ikea Floor Lamp-$15.00
-Burton Snowboard/Boots/Bindings-$250.00
-Powder Room Boarding Jacket and Board Pants-$50.00
-Green Converse All-Stars Hi-Tops Wo's Sz. 7.5-$30.00

-Various Movies and CD's
-Computer Microphone-$1.00
-Green Floral Rug (ask to see)-$40.00
-Kandinsky Art Work sized at 36"hX46w-$75.00
-Kitchen Island-$25.00

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