Wednesday, June 30, 2004

ok, i think i just figured it out. i cashed some wal-mart stock. the check must have been in american funds and when i cashed the check the teller didnt notice so when the check probably hit TO for confirmation they probably noticed that it was cashed in american funds and they forgot to do the exchange rate to canadian, thus the $1.34 on the dollar increase. well im happy about that and happy to know that my bank doesnt want to screw me around and fixes their mistakes even though i would have never known about it if they didnt. and it still feels like free money even tho it was mine all along:)
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i checked my bank account on line for the heck of it to see if my pay went in early due to the holiday but it didnt...but something is weird about it. some money i have no idea about has been deposited into my account...i dont know where it cam from but there is also a foriegn exchange rate on it making of 1.34 per the money put in was initially $321.06, then its debited, then its added again with the foreign exchange to make it $425.22. the thing is i dont know where this money came from...ofcourse i dont really care but what if i have to pay it back cuz its a going to the bank on friday to get this cleared up.
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Friday, June 25, 2004
kim, kalvin and abby are sleeping over tonight. kim and i are going to watch a movie. we are about to put the kiddies to bed. if its nice tomorrow im gonna put my stuff out in the morning, then a car wash fundraiser at canadian tire for the YFC and another fundraiser at Wal-Mart called Funfest. hope its fun!
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Monday, June 21, 2004
hi, just a quick post to let all know that i will be down on my computer until i pick up myself a router. persona came and picked up my modem.

-i had a yard sale this weekend and made $140.00. i still have so much left that i think i will put it our again next week to make more money.

thats all folks,
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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

This is where we had our Annual Hommersen Family BBQ. It is at my Uncle Bob and Aunt Jan's house. It is sooooo nice. This is their pool. Too bad it was to cool to go swimming, but we did go in the hot-tub. And the food was amazing. Posted by Hello
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Thursday, June 10, 2004
for those of you who havent notices, i added a new link to your left titled PICS. if you click on it you will be directed to my picture blogger where i will throw up mass hordes of pics whenever i feel like it. the "hello" program makes it really easy, and i have even inspired my dad, brother, and cousin to do the same.

im going to hamilton for the weekend to visit family. i do believe it has almost ben a year. i pyched to go. might even get some shopping in too but im more excited about seeing family as there is an annual family hommersen reunion every year. swimming, ghot-tubbing, bbq, beer, family...what more can you ask for. im sure i will have lots of pics to post after the week end so stay tuned.
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Saturday, June 05, 2004

this little happy fellow is Tyson. he is my cousin's second child. he is such a happy baby. truely a dutchboy. id like one of those please! Posted by Hello
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So the thing to do latley is sneek out on major functions like weddings and baby showers. todays jaunt was to the Dickies Factory Outlet. this seems to be a new trend lately whenever Paul and i are at the same fuctions. lots of fun! admittedly we snuck out of tracy and cornell's wedding reception to finish a movie we had started earlier...and turned back up at the dance just on time. Posted by Hello
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tonite is my last shift at the video store. am i sad...? not really. im looking forward to having a summer full of fun! once i get my car i plan on going to the beach every chance i get.

kim and wassem are having their baby shower today at my opa and omas. my brother is going to be up and probably already is so it will be really nice to see him. i think it has been since christmas since we've seen mat. he's been really busy with the military training. he is now seargant qualified.
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Tuesday, June 01, 2004
Try this. It actually works...if you can figure it out.
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hey. i had a bummer of a day. but i told myself i wouldnt divulge in any details about work as i dont want anything to come back and bite me in the butt. lets just say i think its time to update my resume.

my teeth have already moved more since the picture i took yesterday. and yes they are sore and tender. but thats good right? cuz that means they are moving.

i love living in this house and having family to come home too. its been 11 years since ive lived with family. it is really nice. ive been out on my own since 17. so far there have been no problems if there is going to be i am sure they will be minor.
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