Friday, May 12, 2006

30 in a matter of minutes...when the clock strikes 12am it will be my birthday! All day! Hurray! Yay! I am excited.

Right now as we speak one of my best friend's is over at my place crashed out on my couch and her 3 girls are all passed out too. Kristen, Megan, Addison, and Shannon made the trek from Hanover to come see me for my birthday. We went to Value Village where they bought me an awesome red kilt, a cozy sweatshirt and a PHAT fedora like hat. I will take pick of all the stuff I get for my b-day and shamelessly post them on my blog as a photo diary.

Cool: My cat and the kitten have become pals and are currently curled up together in my closet amidst my dirty laundry...hmmmmmmmmmm. It's adorable. I will have pics of that too.

tomorrow my bro and dad are taking me out to a new Thai Restaurant called Lemon Grass. As I have mentioned before Thai food is my favourite.

Well off to bed now...I am tired and want to be well rested for's going to be a long day and nite.
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