Tuesday, January 27, 2004
ive always like mehndi and have decided to get into it. i picked up some henna in toronto this weekend and tried it out tonite. i see a new addiction forming. i will post pics of my art when it gets good. i did my feet and one hand tonite. if you dont know what i am talking about check out this link. mehndi
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Wednesday, January 21, 2004
here are before and after pics of my bathroom for all who want to see...before and after pics of my bathroom.

pictures do no justice to the awesomeness of it. anne, are you going to come visit soon?
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Tuesday, January 20, 2004
ok...im pretty much done the bathroom. almost everything is in place. all i need to do is put up the toilet paper holder and get frames for the artwork to go on the walls, and of course put the artwork up. the bathroom does look awesome.

sorry for those of you who are waiting for pics...anne! come on over tomorrow and you can see it in person. i promise i will post pics tomorrow.

also, my cat gunther is really strange. i just took a shower and he usually sits on the edge of the tub and tries to drink the spray but today i guess he decided to screw it and got right in the shower with me. he even hung out in there with me for a while...with the shower running. weird cat. but that's why i love him...because he's quirky.
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Sunday, January 18, 2004
I started renovating the bathroom today. I have the walls all painted. Red takes alot of coats. I may need to get another can. So far I have painted 3 coats. I may leave it as is, 'cept for the touch ups I will do tomorrow. I also started painting the floors and got distracted. errr...boys.

Mohammad came by tonite and we watched a movie. Yes, Im still hanging out with him. Everything is fine. He is part of a family of 11 and 9 of them just went back to Pakistan. Some moved, others for a visit. I dont know who's all staying or coming back, but I suppose some of them will come back engaged or married as they go there to be "arranged".

Hopefully I get the bathroom done tomorrow. I will post before and after shots when I do.
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Thursday, January 15, 2004
Hi, a quick post.

I am going to Kristens tonite to sleep over. I go there to spend the night once a week.

Goderich store was interesting. Worked there yesterday. Hey whats up Gary! See, told you I would mention you. Gary, some of the sites to the right are family sites if you want to check out my bro's military shots and vids.

Ya, ya, gotta go!
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Tuesday, January 13, 2004
yikes! im out of tylenol 3's and feeling it. ooo. im taking advil now. 3 at a time to dull the pain. still working tho. miserably. im so behind at work that it is stressing me out. and now they want me to go to the goderich wal-mart for the next 2 days to do inventory prep at their store. our inventory is in 3 weeks and i think i should be here prepping my store.

by the time i get back on monday next week i will be 2 weeks behind. ahhhhh. panic attack.

ewwww! i got to remove the packing from my mouth today. it was disgusting and hurt like a bugger when i swished with salt water after. i think i should be out of the pain in about a week and good to go. braces should be happening sometime around march if all goes as planned. yeah nice smile!

my bro commented back on thurs jan 8th blog and said he fell through ice this past weekend. brrr, cold.

i love the snow. the more the better! i hope im all healed up soon so i can go snowboarding.

planning on redoing my bathroom this weekend. red! i will take before and after pictures and post them if i do it. its a 99 percent given that i am going to do it. im so phyched. funky bathroom...should help wake me up in the morning too.
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Thursday, January 08, 2004
Im really enjoying my time off work. Im quite doped up with the Tylenol 3. I have to be careful that I dont pass out when I stand up. He he.

I didnt bleed this time on my pillow which is nice.

Im really doped. I dont know what to type.

Ya. Im gonna go now. Thanks for the comments. I dont expect them all the time. They just help me sometimes when I dont know what to type because my life is so mundane and boring. Sometimes your comments inspire me. Uhg.
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Wednesday, January 07, 2004
Well blogging kind of sucks when no one comments. So if ya want more updates from me, post some comments. I dont want to blog to brick walls. Thats no fun.

So here is whats new since the last time I blogged.

Today I got the rest of my wisdom teeth pulled. Aweful. I was at the dentist office for 2 hours. The last one was a real sucker to get out. I graciously excepted the prescription this time round for the Tylenol 3's which made me faint in the bathroom at home today when I was gargling with salt water. I crawled the rest of the way back to my bedroom.

Like I said before, I would post some pictures of Abby. Here is a collage of pictures I took on my digital camera and did up on Adobe Photo Shop. Abby Collage. Isnt she cute?!?
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