Monday, June 27, 2005
Yum! I made strawberry jam yesterday and had it for lunch today and it tasted soooo good:) I am going to have some for supper too.
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Saturday, June 25, 2005
I am all into waring hats and shades lately. I love it. I bought 2 new hats this week. A really cool black military-ish hat and a cool white poor boy shaped hat. And I dig the grey tweed poor boy hat I wear all the time too.
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Thursday, June 23, 2005
I started packing tonight...oh and I gave my notice for work. My last day at Wal-Mart is July 8th.

I am having my big yard sale on July 1-2 and then I am going to Hamilton to look for a place on the 3rd and 4th. And to see my kitty...he is doing really well...he is eating on his own now and drinking water. They say he is still a little yellow but that should clear up in a few weeks hopefully.
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Sunday, June 12, 2005
I just got back from an awesome weekend in Hamilton!

I stayed at my brother and his girlfriend's place and my boyfriend Devin met me there from Toronto. On Saturday we went to the anual big family get together and it rocked! It was so HOOOOOT...but they had a pool which was the perfect temperature. I am still a fish!

Before I left Hamilton today we went to my favourite restaurant and I had my favourite meal: Pad Thai and spring rolls....yummy...and a strawberry drink to boot. And I have left overs, so I will have a yummy lunch tomorrow. And then on the way to drop Devin off at the bus station Mat's car fell just made it to a parking lot and the brakes gave out. I called him tonight and he said when they got the car hoisted up the left rear tire just fell least they were able to laught about it.

I am pretty wiped today though from all the heat and it was nice to come home to the air conditioning but I was definately sad to leave Hamilton...oh well...I will be living there pretty soon. I am going to try and shoot for no later than the middle of July.

I am also going to try and get someone to take my Saturday shift coming so I can have my yard sale and make the cash I need to move...

My eyes are still burning from the chlorine...time to sleep!
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Thursday, June 02, 2005
I am so fucking pissed!

My cat is really sick and I took him in to the vet today and he may not make it. He has lost have his body weight and is extremely jaundice and dehydrated. They hooked him up to IV and ran a bunch of tests to see what is wrong. His blood work is all over the place with his red and white blod cell counts really low. It is costing me $300.00 just to have him there overnight what with the tests. Each additional day will $60.00 minimum to keep him...not including medication.

And my other kitty has been missing for 2 weeks. Gone. So she is most likely dead. But I hope I am wrong. But I doubt it. The Webbs say they havent seen her for a long while.

So pray for my kitty to get better.

Here is a revised list of my stuff to sell...I have sold some stuff already.

Stuff Rachel is Selling

  • Car - $2000.00
  • Counter Top Dish Washer - $75.00
  • Air Conditioner - $150.00
  • Freezer - $150.00
  • Microwave - $25.00
  • T.V. - $25.00
  • Wall Unit - $50.00
  • Dresser with Mirror- $50.00
  • Queen Size Wrought Iron CanopyBed (with Mattresses) - $500.00
  • Kandinsky Picture - $50.00
  • Gold framed Mirror - $100.00
  • Deacon's Bench - $25.00
  • Couch Set (with Slip Covers-Beige) - $75.00
  • Coffee Table Set - $15.00
  • Wicker and Glass Book Shelf - $15.00
  • White Half Book Shelf - $10.00
  • Bathroom Mirror - $15.00
  • Blue Table with Leaf - $10.00
  • Antique Chests - $25.00, $50.00, $50.00, $75.00
  • Floor Lamp - $15.00
  • Ikea Side Lamp - $15.00
  • Toaster Oven - $10.00
  • Grill - $15.00
  • Rug - $35.00
  • Green Tall Dresser - $15.00
  • Filing Cabinet Black - $20.00
  • Panasonic Stereo (As Is) - $15.00
  • Wrought Iron Candle Holders (2) - $25.00
  • Couch Pillows - $20.00 All
  • Burton Snowboard/Boots/Bindings - $250.00
  • Powder Room Coat and Pants Set (Powder Blue) - $100.00
  • Converse All Stars Goth Green - $25.00
  • DVD Player (Samsung) - $50.00
  • VCR (Memorex)- $25.00
  • Movies - $50.00
  • C.D.’s - $50.00
  • Books - $100.00
  • 8 Man Tent (Green)- $75.00
  • Sub Zero Sleeping Bag (Blue, Black, with silver piping) - $45.00
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