Tuesday, March 23, 2004
wow, a month later and i am still sick. arrrhg. thus the unambition to blog. my apologies.

well i have a doc appointment this thursday so we will see whats up. ive been sleeping march away. i went to bed at 11pm friday night and got up at 2.45pm sat. went to bed 11.30pm sat night and slept till 2pm sunday. back to bed at 10pm. so thats been my life. i made a concious effort yesterday to get out and went for a nice hour long walk with Kim.

i get my braces april 29. they were more than i thought which may nix the idea of a car right away. we will see how i fare. things are going to get tough if i cant find a new roomate either cuz Tracy is getting married May15th.

the sebatian shampoo is a 100% real. the conditioner smells a little old but all in all im happy and so is my hair.

i still want a jetta. love the driving.
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Sunday, March 07, 2004
Well its been three weeks now and I am still sick. Last night I woke up with the scoots...so I scooted on over to the porcelan bowl. All my weekends have been shot. This really sucks.

I have recenly been turned on to eBay and I love it. I have won 4 items thus far. Fabulous. Today I won my favourite shampoo and conditioner by Sebastian. I swear by the stuff but I cant get it around here so I have been out since about 6 months ago. Then one day I decided to look on eBay and voila there it was for like a quarter of the price. I know I am banking on the fact that it might not be the real stuff. I will let you know. I will know by the smell and happy healthy hair.

I can officially get my license as soon as July 10.2004 and that is what I am planning on. I am in the market for a car...used ofcourse. Any suggestions? I know what I want but its out of my range. I have $3000 saved up.
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