Monday, August 30, 2004 so cute! Posted by Hello
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this is bobby, the kitten i rescued. isnt he cute. i couldnt keep him so i put him back outdoors and leave food for him every night. Posted by Hello
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Sunday, August 29, 2004
another quick post...

yeah, im up and running on my own computer again for internet. i got a router and wireless and it works great. thank you so much Luke with the set-up. (ad-aware completed and my computer is significantly faster now.)

im on my way out the door now. im sleeping at kristen's tonight but visiting with family first. we have some family that is from holland visiting and my grandparents are having a family bbq to welcome them to canada for their visit.
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Thursday, August 26, 2004
hello everyone...sorry it's been awhile...and no, i do not have a car yet. i decided not to get the hyundai excel as i wasnt to excited about it. so i am going to sit back and be patient and pray for the right car to come along at the right price.

i want to give a special "WELCOME BACK HOME" to Lisa who has been away for a long while in Florida. I look forward to running in to you and giving you a big HUG. You have been missed around here.

Yes, it is 8:15am in the morning and I am up! And I dont even work until 10:30am. i cheated though. I slept over at Kristen's the last 2 nights and got dropped off at home this morning at 7:30. But for all of those who know me well, I resisted the temptation to go back to bed and instead had a shower and breakfast. Hmmm, maybe I am due for a nap now.
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Wednesday, August 18, 2004
So this is the little car that it looks like I will probably be getting. Not this one in particular, but one almost just like it, but a 1994. I am not in love with it, but there is not much selection for my price range and my Opa says it's in excellent shape and only 142,000 miles. The body is in great shape and so is the engine. It even has a sunroof and what appears to be air-conditioning. My aunt has a Hyundai and she says that it is so cheap on gas that she only needs about $10-15.00 of gas to get her through the week. I am sure I will fall in love with it and the freedom it provides. I should hopefully have it on the road and insured by not this weekend but the next weekend.

I am also getting help with Opa is putting my car on his insurance and my step-dad is putting me on his insurance as an occasional driver because as we all know insurance is through the roof for first time drivers. (Ofcourse I will be paying them back the difference on the insurance extra that they owe.)

(The above link may expire, so sorry if it doesnt work. It's a 1994 Hyundai Excel CX.)
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Friday, August 13, 2004
im just chilling at the hanover youth center. i now volunteer here on friday's and probably saturday nites. currently, jim has locked his keys in the office and no one else has a set of keys. we are trying to find some super skinny kids to get their arm through the mail box, but it doesnt seem to work. the back scratcher does not work either. ha, ha, ha.

i am off wednesday so i plan to spend the day with my opa test driving used vehicles. he is checking the insurance rates for me and already scoping out used vehicles.

i booked my holidays today. they run from september 11-24. i will detail my plans as they come to fruition.

i bought a PDA today. an accessory every "beaver" must have. it was only $30.00 at Wal-Mart. It has a phonebook, scheduler, calculator, spell check, translator for english to french or spanish, games, currency converter, and all kinds of fun stuff.

heeeeeey! dan just got the door open! right on. that was only a 10 minute dilemma. thank God for vice grips.
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Thursday, August 12, 2004
The plan is to have a car by next weekend. And then I will book my holidays and ride.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2004
sorry...quick post...i got elastics on my beloved teeth and do they hurt....but the pain is good...they are moooooving. yeah. i cant wait to update you all with pictures, but i dont have the right programs on this computer...but hopefully soon.

oh, and i am going for my driver's license again tomorrow. i am confident this time now that i am going to get it. i will update tomorrow.
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Tuesday, August 03, 2004
...the beauty of wisdom...

James 3:17 - But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure. It is also peace loving, gentle at all times, and willing to yield to others. It is full of mercy and good deeds. It shows no partiality and is always sincere.

(My friend Kristen has the gift of wisdom. I spoke with her tonight and here is what she has shared with me tonight and what God has conficted me of throught her.)

Sometimes the obvious stares us straight in the face. I sinned. I didnt look to God for the pain I was feeling the other nite. I posted with the hope of someone listening...but never even went to God first. I could have saved a lot of grief...but this is how we learn...doing things the wrong way. So this is what I learned from my friend Kristen...(aka: my accountability partner, mentor, role-model, best-friend.)

Instead of venting my feelings out to the world, I should have looked to God. There was no reason why I couldnt have wrote that "post" as a journal entry/prayer to God and ask him to listen and help me through it. After all, the journal is private, and God knows what's in my heart.

And then I should have what God had to say...and the next day I could have approached the people I felt rejected by and got to the bottom of the situation and communicated how I felt or went to someone I trusted to get insight.

But, sometimes we need to learn the hard way for us to learn. The good thing ofcourse is that God can and will bring GOOD out of all the bad. My prayer is that this will make our relationships stronger. That we can communicate, so as not to hurt one other by not revealing things that need to be said.

I also ask for forgiveness of anyone I may have hurt in regards to my post.. I am sorry.
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...for those of you who believe to everything you read or told...lets clear some things up...

in reference to post: apologies...i do not know who this is at the moment...but anominity will be respected if that is what you choose...puts me in an unfair spot though...

I have been to church many times in the past year. (If I had not been to church in over a year as you so aptly believe or were told, wouldnt this be of some considerable concern as another fellow believer to see that another believer might be stumbling and want to go and help them get back on their feet, but instead you would turn and shake your head in disapproval.) I do admit that I am not in regular attendance but for certain circumstances. It should be noted as well that I still fellowship and study the bible with other fellow Christians and on my own time I journal, do devotions and also do Bible study on the internet. And just because some one does not see me in church does not mean I am there. I have told several of my friends that I attend church but prefer to sit alone at the back so I am not going to church to be social and I can give my complete attention to God, worshiping him, listening to him, and getting the most out of the sermon. I just find it too distracting being around friends during church as I am too distracted by their adorable children.

In the reference to the "blind leading the blind" statement intended towards me...what I was sharing was Scripture that God had revealed to me and put in my heart to pass along to my own dear friend. How can I share something blindly from the Bible? Just because I dont attend church regularyily does not mean that God doesnt speak to me and isnt a real part of my life. I hope you dont think that just because you go to church that makes you a Christian. Here are some of the recent scriptures I have shared with friends...Jer.29:11-13, Proverbs 4:23, Psalm 86:11, Phil. 1:6, Luke 6:45, Romans 8:1. These ones were specifically laid on my heart to be given to afriend: 2Cor. 1:12, Gal. 6:1-3., and I also shared my current journal with them and what God was/is teaching me at that/this time. seems I could always use help in the comminication aspect of my relationships. Although posting my thoughts on the web werent the best choice, I thought it better than bottling my emotions up inside. But ofcourse, the best solution would have been to talk to someone directly, but why do we find that so difficult to ask our friends for help or tell them that you need to talk and get something of your chest...

It should be noted that I am not perfect. I do not profess to be perfect. I am sinful and weak. I try to share my weaknesses with others in order to help encourage them in their walk of faith and for them to help keep me accountable. I was weak in writing my last post. I needed to vent. I was hoping for someone to see through the pain and want to pick up the phone or "pop" by to see what the matter was. No one has...but that's OK. God is there. In Him I will place my trust. I will lean on Him for support because his LOVE never fails me.


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