Saturday, February 16, 2008
Excerpted from an email from my dad...


Greetz family, friends and coworkers!

Some time ago I sent you an email regarding a product called MagicJack.
It as a small item that plugs into the USB port on your computer and then you take your normal Bell phone and plug the phone line cord into the Magic Jack.
You can now make any phone call including long distance calls to anywhere in Canada and the United States.
The cost of the service is $19.95 per year! You heard it correctly! $19.95 PER YEAR!
That works out to about 5 1/2 cents per day!

I ordered my MagicJack on Friday, February 1, 2008 and it arrived yesterday, Friday, February 15, 2008.
The price of the product which includes your first year's subscription is $59. including the taxes, shipping and handling.
Your one year of service starts as soon as you register the product online at which time you will also pick and receive your phone number.

The software, which by the way, is embedded right onto the MagicJack, installed effortlessly.
With great anticipation and my old Bell phone, a Nortel Vista 350, you know, the one with the big green screen, hooked into my MagicJack,
I made my first long distance phone call to my work buddy John who lives in Hamilton.
We spent an hour and a half chatting up a storm and the sound quality was excellent with no echoes, static or drop-offs.
This product is truly amazing!

No...I am not selling this thing nor am I involved with the company in any way!
I just like new technology!
I don't have a Bell line here in Elliot Lake as I always have used only my cell phone.
Since moving up to the Lake, my cell phone bills are approximately $350. per month!
I am now a fixed income guy and this is just way too expensive.
So...I took a chance on the MagicJack.
Its brand new on the market and has been getting a little air play on CNN and a few other U.S. stations.
Funny thing, MagicJack's Canadian headquarters is on Upper James Street in Hamilton, the city I just moved from!

Below are 2 links to this product, the first one their national site in the United States and the second one, the official Canadian site where you will order your product if living in Canada.

As I wrote you before, I don't generally send out this sort of stuff but this truly caught my eye!
I am totally thrilled about the product.

There is but one the company is brand new, they do not as of yet have Canadian area codes yet.
What does that mean?
MY NEW NUMBER IS 1-646-XXX-XXXX but only until MagicJack starts providing Canadian area codes.
If you see that on your call displays, fear is I!
It means you will pick an area code from anywhere in the States. I chose one from New York state and in the city of New York as well.
When I make a call to anywhere in Canada or the States, its free, aside from the $19.95 annual cost.
I can receive calls from anywhere in the world. living in Hamilton, say, calling me will be a long distance call to New York. This is temporary.
Its long distance to call me in Elliot Lake for all of you anyway.

By the way, should for example take a holiday in Panama, take your MagicJack with you and you can STILL call free to Canada and the U.s. providing your laptop has access one way or the other to internet service.
The service includes call waiting, call forwarding and voice mail.

So I told you I would send out an update once I got the you have it.
Do with the info what you will but my ANNUAL phone costs are always going to be $19.95

Gimme a ding!
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